My Mission Statement;

Makala Coffey

My Main Mission Statement;

I plan to finish high school and then college, so the experiences from that make it possible to succeed in a career and in life.

I Believe...

  • I believe I can do anything I set my mind to, with a little work.
  • I believe that everyone pave's their own path in life, and if you leave cracks, the road will crumble.
  • I also believe that the world expects failure, so it's up to you to prove that you can make it big.

Short Term Goals;

  • In school, I want to earn a perfect 'A' in multiple classes, if not all of them.
  • I also want to check something pretty big off of my bucket list

Long Term Goals;

  • I want to eventually check everything off of my bucket list, but with a twist, have a picture to prove that each one's been done. I just feel like it'd be a great way to make memories, and keep up with the pictures too.
  • I want to voice a character for the next Wreck-it Ralph Movie they plan to have out sometime in 2015, because face it, voicing a character for a Disney film would be great.
  • I also want to graduate from a 4 year university with a possible major in film or something of the sort after my last four years here at the Early College.

Favorite Quote;

Some Of My Favorite Songs

All Time Low - Somewhere In Neverland (Lyric Video)
Tonight Alive - Lonely Girl