UltraViolet Waves

Jacob Johnson


"Beyond the


in the spectrum, corresponding to light having wavelengths shorter than 4000 angstrom units"(Dictonary.com)

How is it used

UltraViolet waves are used for tanning beds, It has the greatest amount of UV on the sun, and are used in LED lights.


Ultraviolet waves can burn your skin, and possibly have links to certain types of cancer.

Interesting Facts

We can study stars and galaxies by studying the UV light they give off - but did you know we can even study the Earth? Below is an unusual image - it is a picture of Earth taken from a lunar observatory! This false-color picture shows how the Earth glows in ultraviolet (UV) light.
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Ultraviolet radiation
This video tells about Ultraviolet waves and how they can effect our skin, Ultraviolet waves can burn through your skin resulting in bad skin, cancer, or other types of skin diseases.