Retarded Man Now A Genius

Katerina Kalamatianos

Born being retarded, thirty-two year old man, Charlie Gordon, is the first ever man to have an operation done to his brain to make him smart. Originally, Charlie had an I.Q. of 68 and after the operation, his I.Q. raised to 185.

We looked through some of Charlie’s Progress Reports, reports the scientists used to compare Charlie’s intelligence, and all Charlie wanted from before the operation, was to be smart and have friends, like “normal” people. He wanted people to like him, and the operation is what Charlie was betting would get him to that.

Charlie had Progress Reports to write from before the operation to compare his results from after the operation. There are huge differences made in contrast of the before and after writing of Charlie Gordon.

His writing was poor, and no proper punctuation or spelling was used. After the operation, Charlie’s writing becomes exquisite and he starts to realize many things that he didn’t know about before.

Alice Kinnian, Charlie’s teacher from a school for retarded adults, explains how Charlie has dramatically changed from the operation. “The operation did many things to Charlie, it made him smarter and emotionally different. He’s not just different because he is smarter, he is confused since his intellect is constantly at battle with his emotion.”

“Charlie is currently helping many people’s lives with the clever breakthrough that I and my colleagues made. He has definitely become smarter, and am glad to say the operation worked” Professor Nemur states.