Plant High School Media Center

Your 24/7 source for information! September 2015

Greetings for the 2015-2016 school year!

As the new Plant High School media specialist I am in awe of our fantastic students. Plant High School students are highly motivated to lead and succeed and it is evident in all that students do from our excellent electives, to our driven sports teams, and our second-to-none clubs. Plant High School media center wants to be an integral part of this culture of success and the main way to do this is to visit our media center. You can visit either in person or digitally. PHS media center is on social media with Twitter and Instagram and we highly encourage the use of our electronic books and databases accessible from almost any digital device.

Taking names and making IDs!

Plant High School students receive a free ID when they enter Plant. Whether it is as a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior a free ID is available. IDs are made in the media center and take less than two minutes per ID to create. If you haven't gotten yours through your English class yet see Mr. Penn at anytime. If you are a Plant High School student who has lost their ID then it costs $5.00 to replace the ID.
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Media Center Orientation Includes instruction on how to use the Gale district databases.

Students who have received the PHS Media Center Orientation have been told how to access the databases. These databases are free, available on any device 24/7, and guaranteed to get students a better research grade than if you just "Google" it! GALE Databases are better!
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Book Review (written by Mr. Penn):

Noggin by John Corey Whaley (A Florida Teen Reads Book)

I chose this book to read first before all the other Teen Reads Titles because of the cover. Yes, I usually pick a book by its cover. Who doesn’t? The cover reminded me of all the 1970’s era G.I. Joes that lost their heads to reckless kids experimenting with firecrackers. And that image is fitting because that is exactly what happened to the main character Travis Coates.

Specifically, his head wasn’t blown off but it was removed from his old cancer-filled body and cryogenically frozen in the hope that he could someday be revived, come back to life, and finish the life he started.

Unlike many futuristic novels of late Noggin does not have an apocalyptic theme. Travis doesn’t fight an evil “faction,” or wave a magic wand, or even have to deal with global warming. The science fiction in Noggin is just this side of possible. Currently, one of the greatest baseball players who ever played the game - Ted Williams’s head is residing in exactly the same situation. Urban Legend has Walt Disney’s head frozenly floating around but that is fiction.

Whether we are very close to attaching a frozen head on a new body (like in the book) or not…the fact of the matter is that Noggin is a fun book with all the ingredients to lose your head over.