Sagi Rozenblat


Why abseil is so addictive?

Alot of people love the feeling of danger when they going down the mountain with only a rope.

more over Some people try to run against their fear from heights while thay doing abseil.

The danger behind the abseil

The danger behind abseil is that people are some times doing it withot professional help. Example: "Touching the void" is a really good example.

In a relly dengerus situation the rope can get loose or cut by sharp rock.

Why abseil also called snapling?

The word "snapling" comes from two words "snap link" and the "k" in the word link beacam "g".

The word snapling is a hebrew word for abseil.

Scariest ever abseil

Military uses

Abseil is not just a Hobby its also uses in military operations and help soldirs to get down an halicopter in a fast way without landing the halicopter.

Some people dont understand the mening of getting people down a halicopter in a hostile invierment without landing and without put in denger the halicopter or the pilots.

Rappelling From a Black Hawk Helicopter - UH-60 Blackhawk Air Assault Training




My story

Abseiling is not a easy thing for everyone, theres people who takes abseil as a easy thing and some are really scared from it.

Im personally was at first really scared but after i tried this ones i loved it and try it again.

What i want to say is that if you try this ones at all you probebly want to do this again.

Tools for doing abseil

Without the right tools for abseil you cant do it.

Its very dengerus to do abseil without the right tools because you can fall from the distress and get hurt or in really bad situation you can even die.