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Week of November 16, 2015

Our Vision

The Lincoln/Madison Feeder Pattern prepares scholars to lead, think, communicate and compete as responsible citizens who are college and career bound.

It is my hope that you found the exemplar visits to Blanton and New Tech helpful. The schools were very gracious to open their doors and welcome us in, so let's continue to nurture the relationships established. We will continue to conduct activities like this as we establish our vision of excellence as a feeder. Some of the exemplary practices that I would like to point out at the schools are as follows:

  • Students were grouped based on their reading levels and there was a posted organizational system in the classroom.
  • There was a structure for stations or Daily 5 so that the teacher could get to the guided reading table.
  • In 4th grade, a mini lesson had been taught (author's purpose) and the teacher used a graphic organizer to facilitate the thinking required of the TEKs. Students worked independently on this while the teacher worked with a small group.
  • There were smooth transitions from whole group to small group/stations.
  • The reading center had books organized by levels as well as high interest books.
  • There was a variety of data being collected by the teachers and monitored in the classrooms.
  • Anchor charts were evident at both schools.
  • Students were engaged.
  • Teachers were supported in a very intentional manner with differentiation and effective roll out systems for new initiatives.
  • The principals and the teacher leaders were reflective of their practice and constantly seeking ways to improve.

Let's use these visits and activities as way to learn and grow together!

Compositions Improve This Six Weeks

Overall, I was pleased to see so much effort this past six weeks to improve our compositions. Portfolios were in order at all but one school and students had completed at least 2 essays taken through the writing process. In reviewing the essays, there is a need to ensure our students are not writing in a formulaic fashion. We also need to spend more time revising the papers so that students will be in the habit of doing this prior to transferring to the lined paper on test day.

Let's keep up the good work!

PLCs of the Week

I was able to visit 3 PLCs this week and kudos go out to Rhoads, MLK and Dunbar. At Rhoads, teachers brought in their DOLs for analysis. This analysis included a study of the standard, the LO and how the DOL supported both. Teachers grew smarter about their standards and received feedback from their colleagues on how to improve. At Dunbar, fabulous learning took place with teachers as they discussed the 2nd six weeks data and shared their plans of action to increase student mastery in the coming weeks. MLK's science team also discussed data and shared strategies for specific TEKs as well as a plan to strengthen the alignment between their teaching and the rigor of the test.

A special thank you goes out to Chanel and Gayle for allowing their teachers to come together on Monday afternoon for a combined PLC with the EOC teachers. They reviewed the assessment data from the high schools' common assessments and then worked by content areas to discuss teaching strategies. Lincoln and Madison are well on their way!

Lincoln and Madison High School Teachers Collaborate

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Principals' Meeting to Focus on Calibration

I2020 and ACE Principals will meet prior to the monthly principals' meeting at 11:45 a.m. to be introduced to our new Assistant Superintendent, Mr. Leslie Williams. Please be on time for the meeting.

You should have received a video from School Leadership to be used for calibration during the principals' meeting on Wednesday. Please view the video prior to the meeting and come prepared to discuss your feedback.

Lincoln Teacher Honored for His Military Service

Check out the story of History teacher, Nick Stefanovic who served our country as a Marine prior to deciding to teach. Thank you for your service Mr. Stefanovic and to all of our military service men and women.

Teachers at Roberts Conduct Home Visits

Since September, several teachers from O.M. Roberts have volunteered to participating in the Parent Teacher Home Visit Project. Teachers report the benefits and one is quoted in the article to the right. Keep up the great work Roberts!

Assistant Principals to Meet as a Feeder

This Friday, our Feeder will host its first AP meeting at the Haskell Bldg. from 9:00-11:00 a.m. The meeting will be led by Constance Jawaid our Coordinator and veteran principal. I will be on hand to support, encourage and celebrate our APs for their hard work and commitment.

Leadership Focus and Updates

This week, we will continue with spot observations with a focus on aligned instruction. Please ensure that students are given the opportunity to grapple with a text during reading instruction. Too often when I visit reading classrooms, I am seeing concepts taught absent of a text. As you review the RLA standards, you will note that each standard expects students to apply what they learn with a text. I will also continue to seek out those teachers who are using daily classroom data to inform their next steps.


- Principals should provide written feedback to teachers within 48 hours of the spot observation.

-Please note that non-renewals will be somewhat earlier this year due to the Board calendar. If you have teachers who are struggling, ensure that you are making every effort to support their progress.

-Templates for the 2nd data meeting will be coming beginning November 30. These will be shared during our December feeder meeting.

-Signs will be delivered to each school regarding the concealed and open carry hand gun law that was recently passed. More information to come.

On the Horizon

. Nov. 12- Primary evaluators final day to verify DTR applications

. Nov. 13- Feeder Principal's Meeting- Exemplar Visits 9:00-12:00

.Nov. 13- Common Assessment and Progress Monitoring report due for 2nd 6 Weeks

.Nov. 13- Title 1 deadline for ordering sub objects 00 and WJ

.Nov. 13- Evacuation and lockdown drills due to Emergency Management

. Nov. 14- TOP Summit at Dade 1:30-6:00

. Nov. 16- Title 1 Virtual Notebooks due

. Nov. 18- Districtwide Principals' Meeting @ Hulcy 11:45 a.m.

.Nov. 20- Feeder AP Meeting @ Haskell

.Nov. 25-27 Thanksgiving Break

.Dec. 8- Accountability Training for Lincoln/Madison principals 1:30-4:00 @ Buckner

Our Feeder Leaders