Lanham Lowdown

4th Grade News

February 5, 2016

Important Dates

Friendship Party

Thursday, February 11th

No School

Friday, February 12th

No School

Monday, February 15th

Spelling Test

Friday, February 19th

Six Flags Read to Succeed Due

Friday, February 26th

Friendship Party

Our Friendship Party will take place on Thursday, February 11th. Students may bring in valentines for their classmates. I have provided a class list if students choose to write names on them. Students do not need to bring in a box for their valentines. We will be decorating a bag in class. We are still looking for a few items to help make our party a success. Click on the link below if you are able to donate items. Thank you!

Click here to donate to our Friendship Party

Yearbook ordering reminder

Yearbooks can be ordered ONLINE ONLY with the Yearbook ID Code : 10091016

Yearbooks are $15 again this year and will be on sale at least through February 29th.


By: Ryan Rexroat

The last couple of weeks our science class has been learning how to build Vex Robots! We work hard in our groups in the science lab. This week our class was able to test out our robot to see if we built it to: go, stop, and turn. We had some problems, but together as a team we solve them. It was a lot of hard work, but it was certainly fun. We learned it takes a lot of mind power and teamwork.


by: Tessa Garcia

This week in math we learned about angels, partial quotients, and we learned new math games.

When we learned about angles we used a protractor to measure the angles and we learned off of a half circle protractor and a full circle protractor. And in the game we played one of the games it was called ‘’Angle tangle’’ and how you play it is you have 2 players and one of the players use a protractor and draw an angle and the other person tries to guess what the angle measures and both of the players agree on what the angles measure. If the person is a little off on what they guessed they would subtract the correct answer and the answer that is a little off to get your score. Then they would switch off on who draws the angle and who guesses and who ever gets the lowest score wins the game. And when we do partial quotients it is division and in the beginning it is a little tough and when you do it a lot more it gets easier. And usually for me it is is easy, because if you know multiplication it will be easier.

Social Studies

In Social Studies, we are doing a lot of fun stuff. First, we are learning about occupations (jobs if you did not know what that means). Yesterday, we did a game where we have a card that has a job on it, how much you get payed for doing this job and a little bit about the job. Also, somebody has the same occupation as us and we have to try and find who that was and then we sit down next to them at the floor. My partner who had the same card was Hayley and we had an administrative assistant (secretary). We get to say some stuff about our job and share it to the class. It took us a lot of clues for our classmates to guess who we were.

Another thing that we did was learn about human capital. Basically, that is assets that individuals have, including knowledge, skills, talent, and health. We also did a little paper that was showing a checklist that you will see in the folder. I personally really liked that because it made me feel good about myself. We also got to write our own and I wrote 3 more. My human capitals were sticking up for myself, being positive, and believing in myself. That was honestly really fun and had a good feeling in it.


By: Caden Birkley

In literacy always stay on task and be silent and respect everyone around you. And be respectful and focus on the teacher.

This week my class learned about hyperboles and generalizations. And we took tests on everything we learned in literacy this week and we had some assignments this week like reading, vocab activities,we also learned about related words and latin roots. In my reading group we finished our book called running out of time.

Literacy is a very important task in school. It helps you with figures of speech and improves your reading skills. So that’s why you have to pay attention to what the teacher is telling you and your classmates. You also have to pay attention to your work.


By: Teagan

This week in specials we are doing a lot. In art we are making elephants and we are almost finished with painting the elephant, but we need to paint the background. In P.E we are playing games that will get your heart rate up and new warm ups and cool downs. In music we just finished playing music Yahtzee and I think we will start a new game next week. I think that P.E is the hardest and music is the easiest.They are all fun and I like them all!