Chiune Sugihara

"Righteous Among The Nations"

Introduction to chiune sugihara's life

He was born 1 January,1900.He's father clearly started writing visas for Jews.Chiune thought his father was like a hero.So he liked that he was saving lifes and he wrote visas to people that had all their paper work done.He saved more than a thousands of lifes over his time working.He and his family were arrested in 1944.He was let go and returned to japan there were he died in 1986 he was then honored a hero by the name "Righteous Among The Nations"

Yukino kikuchi

She's Chiune Sugihara's wife.He came back to Japan and met Yukino then got married. They had a three boys and a girl.

Dr Zorah Warhartig

Helped jews get visas from chiune sugihara.He came up to him and asked if he would write visas to some jews.

Jan Zwartendijk

Was a dutch man who worked in a factory making light bulbs and radios. The factory was distureb and jan started helping jews and writing visas to them

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