Virtual Resume

Gian Kaur

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Part 1: Goal Setting

Smart Goal #1:Academic

S I will maintain an average of 90% all throughout high school by doing my homework and studying for tests because it will help me get into a better university for the program that i want to do.

M I will use my midterm and final report to assess my progress and if i'm on the right track. also i will use the mark i get on any of my assignments and tests. I will know that i have achieved my goal when i calculate my overall average at the end of grade 12.

A I will achieve this goal by increasing the amount i study from 1 hour to 2 maybe 3 hours. I will also stop procrastinating and start my assignments ahead of time and not the night before. I will study for tests and exams.

R This is important to me at this time because this will determine my future. it will determine what program i go to and what university i attend.

T Before the end of grade 10 i will achieve an average of 85 and in grade 11 my average will be a 90 and in grade 12 my average will be a 95.

Smart Goal #2:Volunteering

S I will reach and log 300 volunteering hours by the time i finish grade 12 by continually volunteering at one place till the end of grade 12. this goal will help me build my resume and get a better job.

M I will keep count of the hours on my log sheet and i will have to copies of it so i can hand one copy in to the guidance councilor and one that i can keep for my reference to know how many hour i have and how many more i need.

A I will achieve this by continually volunteering at the soccer center until grade 12 and signing up for any other volunteering opportunities i can get.

R This is extremely important for me at this age because it will allow me to figure out what i want to do in life and give me experience of the outer would.

T get volunteering position anywhere that will give me flexible hours with school and will give me a position until grade 12