You should come to Georgia!!

By: Kaitlyn E. 4B

Thirteen Colonies

There is different names to call Georgia, the common names is Peach State and Empire State. There was thirteen different areas of land that were called the thirteen colonies. A colony is an area of land that is ruled by another country by themselves. There were three different sections that were divided into three sections. The sections were New England and Middle and Southern colonies. The New England colonies consist of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. The Middle colonies consist of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. The Southern colonies consist of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Georgia is part of the Southern colonies that is where you should move too! The Southern colonies were good for farming and crop growing. It has nice summers and mild winters to help make plantations grow better and stronger. It's possible to grow a lot of crops and plants.


James Oglethorpe and King George III founded Georgia because he wanted to help the poor, and make them more healthier and wealthier. He created it for the rich too, but more for the poor people and their families. They had short and mild winters, humid summers; and that would help them make indigo and grow sugar and rice, that would help tremendously because they couldn't always grow some items; so they could eat that till they could. The summer would help make the plants grow faster and better when they were not in the cold weather, because that would slow them down and they wouldn't grow as fast as they would in summer weather. The kind of people that lived in Georgia were farmers who farmed and Hispanics, Americans, and Hawaiians. In Georgia slavery would be forbidden because the leader didn't like slavery so he didn't want it in his state or his colony.


Swedish colonists founded the land because they wanted peace and equality, and religious freedom for the Quakers. Created it for trade and profits as well. Mild climate with warm summers for agriculture and farming to make it easier, great farmland, and fertile soil made just for farming and planting. Different tribes would live here and camp there, like farmers and The Delawares and more; the meaning of Philadelphia was "City of Brotherly Love." They were the big production for trading that included corn, wheat, livestock, and beef / pork.


King Charles 1 founded the land but later on he gave it to Sir George Calvert and his family to start a charter for a colony north of California. Created it for religious freedom for the Catholics, warm climate made it possibly for the plants to grow and plantations to sprout. Farmers were the only ones who lived there because they were the only ones who could grow items and do their stuff for the land. Named the land Maryland in honor of the king's wife, Henrietta Maria.

Why you should come to Georgia!

You should come to Georgia because this is the land that you can grow a lot of plants and crops from, the reason why is because the soil was fertile and they had mild, warm summers; that also they had long cold winters that kind of made the plants grow a little slower than they would in the warm weather. There was plenty of forests and hilly coastal plains to help make the plants grow better and healthier than if they were planted on a different type of weather or geography. You don't have to worry if you didn't have money and if you were poor because the land was made for poor people, and to help make them a little more wealthier and more richer but not by a lot. The rich people could also come if they wanted too, but the land was made for the poor people more than the rich people because of their situation that they were in. Grew own indigo and rice and sugar, and that would help because it would add more to their meals than just a piece of something and that was all they had, if they planted then you would have to be a farmer but if you weren't then that is fine. If you were a farmer then you could be able to survive on your own and grow your own crops; then if you were not a farmer then you wouldn't be able to maybe just a little survive on your own because you don't know how to plant and grow your own crops. There were different tribes that stayed and lived there, so you wouldn't have to be scared to move their even if you were from a different tribe because then you would have other people that you don't know staying and living there; just like you are. If you had a goal in the tribe and that was to make a utopia in Georgia then you came to the right place because then you would be able to do that, while in other colonies you wouldn't be able too. If you were a debtor or a adventurer then the leader would lead you and some other people and help you seek a new life, to start fresh and learn more and grow. You would always trade their, so you had a good chance to get new items that you have never even seen or used before; like: tobacco, cotton, rice, indigo (dye), lumber and furs. That would be a good time to go and meet new people that you have never meet before in your life.


“If We allow Slaves, we act against the very Principles by which we associated together, which was to relieve the distressed.” - James Edward Oglethorpe

"We must create the Georgia that our ancestors dreamed of, the Georgia that we dream of." - Mikhail Saakashvili

"The Trustees intend to relieve such unfortunate persons as cannot subsist here [England], and establish them in an orderly manner, so as to form a well regulated town…. By such a Colony, many families, who would otherwise starve, will be provided for, and made masters of houses and lands…. The Trustees for establishing the Colony of Georgia in America. … are impowered to collect benefactions; and lay them out in cloathing, arming, sending over, and supporting colonies of the poor, whether subjects on foreigners, in Georgia." - James Edward