Classroom Apps

Using Apps to Reinforce In-Class Learning

5 Apps available for use in the classroom, from K-12:

Blanks by Kai Kunze (on iTunes)

This free app provides definitions with four word choices per definition, and the purpose is to find and drag the correct vocabulary word to the "blank" space above the definition. Correct answers are marked with a green check mark, incorrect answers with a red "x".

This is a wonderful app to use with students to increase their vocabulary, and could be used as a class, or individually by students on their own time or as part of their homework. It's also a good way for the teacher to brush up on their vocabulary.

Prezi Viewer by Prezi Inc.

This app facilitates viewing of Prezi presentations on Apple mobile devices.

Prezi Viewer would be helpful during classroom lessons and student presentations, as students can follow along on their devices. It would be especially beneficial for those students who have difficulties reading on a projector screen/whiteboard, as they have the words right in front of them.

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Animation Creator HD by miSoft

Animation Creator HD can be found on iTunes, but unfortunately this app is not free. It enables the creation and sharing of animated movies.

This app can be used throughout K-12, and would especially be useful in Humanities classes, such as ELA or Social Studies, as it allows students to use their creativity in the creation of a storyline. I don't think this should replace the traditional method of writing stories or essays, as those appeal to a different side of the child's creative and logical thinking, but it can be used as a supplement and as a variation in the children's activities.

3D Brain

By Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Not only does this app allow for the exploration of the different areas of the brain, but it also provides information related to neurological disorders, research, and case studies to name a few.

This would be a very good app to use with secondary school students when studying the brain in Science/Biology classes. It's free, so anyone can easily download it onto their mobile devices, and can follow along in class, or use it to help them with homework/studying.

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Google Earth

By Google, Inc.

This app allows for easy visual exploration of the different areas of the world, be it by satellite images or street view, and provides quick access to directions (with a variety of transit route options). It also has a space component to it. This app is free and is available for both Apple and Android devices.

Google Earth is an app which can be used throughout a student's schooling from K-12, and is a wonderful way to encourage students to learn more about geography of the world in which we live, and the solar system surrounding us. It also helps students visualize the regions they learn about in Social Studies. Perhaps this may even help re-introduce geography into our curriculum in schools, which is important so that students know not only the basic continents, but the vast majority of landscapes and countries which make up each of those continents.

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Above Apps on iTunes:

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