Booth Cashiers

Career Brosure

Tasks and Conditions

1. Exchange coins and tokens for people at casinos and other gaming establishments.

2. Issue payoffs and obtain customers signature on their receipt.

3. Operate booth in slot machine area so that people can get change.

4. Count and audit money orders.

5. Sell gaming chips, tokens, or tickets at patrons.

6. Figure out how much chips are worth.

Tasks and Conditions

Gaming cashiers typically work in casinos where they walk around they floor watching and listening for game winners. They may work in a booth where they help customers with supplies such as change, chips, tickets, or tokens. Most work a 40-hour week, which includes late evening and weekend hours.

Education and Experience

Though a high school diploma is equivalent, vocational training, and job related course work are the minimum formal educational requirements for this occupation, some may require an associate degree or a bachelors degree.
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