Careers Project!

By: Deanna Skoviak ~

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Wildlife Biologist: A Wonderful Career!

Wildlife Biology branches into life science, because they study animals, anatomy, the predator-prey ecosystem, and migrations! They also study the populations, habitats, the conservation of wildlife and fish. They work outdoors in all kinds of weather, and may need to travel long distances!

Education Path: The Journey to becoming a Wildlife Biologist!

The majors and degrees that would be needed for this job include:

-Wildlife Sciences and Management

-Biological Sciences (General)

-Wildlife Biology

-Zoology and Animal Biology

Some helpful high-school courses would be:

-Anatomy and Physiology




-Statistics and Probability

All of these are important for getting this career!

Factors that Affect Employment: Important To Know!

In both Wisconsin and nationally, job seekers WILL face competition for position openings! Employment is affected by the availability of funding long-term projects and conservation efforts. Most job sites, in Wisconsin, are located in rural areas.

Salary: How Much Cash Will You Get Out Of It?

In Wisconsin, the salary range is $54,620. Nationally, the salary range is $57,430. However, if you stay in the career for a long time and become a professional, the salary will go up drastically!

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Employer: One Example Of A Wildlife Biologist Employer!

The name of the employer is Donald Hendricks, the executive director for the Botanical Garden (In the winter, the Garden of Lights!). The location is in Green Bay (Botanical Garden), on 2600 Larson Road.

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Summary: Time To Wrap It Up!

All in all, I think I could become a Wildlife Biologist when I grow up. I enjoy watching and observing wildlife, not to mention interacting with animals. I don't think there would be a single thing I would dislike about this job: it is absolutely wonderful, and many people enjoy it too!

Decorah Eagles: Wildlife Biologist Project!

A very popular program funded by Wildlife Biologists: The Decorah Eagles live camera! Millions have witnessed the birth of 3 eaglets. It is a wonderful experience!

Recourses: Giving Credit!

All information about the careers came from the website WISCareers.

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