fast facts

the continent of Mexico is North America. The capital of Mexico is Mexico city. The population is 121,736,809 people. The area of Mexico is 758,449 square miles. the main language is Spanish. The main religion is roman catholic.The distance from Washington is 1875.24 miles away.


Spanish is the official language of Mexico. Mexicans use different endings in there sentences. Some of these endings include ita and ito.There are 100 languages spoken in Mexico.


Religion is a big part of Mexico and all the people that live there.60% of people are Spanish.30% of people are Amerindian that live there. Most of the descendants were Maya and Aztecs.

early civialiations

The Aztecs were the first people that came to Mexico. In 2000bc the Maya found cites in north and central America. Back then the Aztecs and the Maya settled in swampy islands and areas. The Maya and Aztecs were Spanish descendants.
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