Work Progress Administration

"You worked , you got a paycheck and you had some dignity."

What did WPA do?

The Works Progress Administration help create jobs for unemployed workers.

They built bridges, roads, public buildings, parks and airports.

WPA lasted 8 years - around 16 million got jobs

What did the WPA help?

The WPA helped employ 8.5 million american workers , fund efforts of artists , writers, actors and composers. And also created the national foundation of art. Men and women payed the same wages 13.5 percent of workers were female. Provided 10 dollars a week for families .

What are the accomplishments?

The WPA became the largest peace time job program in U.S. history. They also established the National Foundation of Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities. And also the National Youth Administration.

How does WPA affects us today?

The WPA has refurbished a major league stadium adding a grandstand, drainage system, wooden bleachers, and new fencing. A famous artist the worked for the WPA help create "Male and Female paintings, That are now in the Philadelphia Museum of Art to showcase his beautiful abstract expressions.