Christa McAuliffe

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:All about Christa Mcauliffe

Chapter 2:Christa's journey to space-Part one

Chaper 3:Christa's Jounery to space-part two

chapter 4:Christa's Jounery two space-part three

chapter 5: other side

chapter 6:christa mcaulffe is important to N.H

chapter 7: what i think

cahpter 8: how to become an astronaut



chapter 1: All About Christa McAuliffe

Christa McAluffe is very important is very important to America because she was suppose to be the first teacher in space.

Christa was born september 2 1948 she wanted to "reach for the stars" that was her famous saying .When grew up she was the oldest of five children!She went to Framingham college to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher.she met her future husband there Steve McAluliffe. When soon after she married Steve.Then they moved to concord NH and Christa taught at Concord high and had a baby boy named Scott.and a few years after she had Caroline .then she filled out a twenty pg application and...

chapter 2: Christa's Journey to Space- Part One

I feel so happy for my mom! She just got picked to be the first teacher in space!My dad,Caroline and i were so happy for her.but by here going to space i will not be abel to see her in a long time.Mom really liked working concored high. her students called her the "field trip teacher".But this would be the scariest one of all.My mom would be goinng to space I dont want mom to go to space because there would be alot of space between us.

chapter 3: Christa's Journey to Space- Part Two

"Dad" i yelled why does mom have no time too play with me?"she is busy with a packet he replied.

My mom was working so hard to finish a 25 pg application for NASA.she would be going away for a long time.i don't have a very good feeling about space.When turned on the my dad turned on the t.v he called Caroline and i down.Right when i came down i saw mom on t.v but she was there for NASA's space thing.i was happy and sad at the same time because she has to train for a long time.When she came home i asked her if she was going to space she replied,"yes".then she left to go train.

chapter 4: Christa's Journey to Space- Part Three

My mom said bye and went to Florida "lucky" i left and we were stuck here in the cold.

when moms training was done she went to cape Canaveral FL.Dad turned on the t.v again he called me and Caroline down but this time i saw a big rocket "WOW" i said.Then i saw these tiny people. then i saw it take off it looked so cool then a minute after it blew up it was so sad i felt horrible I never knew she would die from space?

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chapter 5 other side

this is Christa ,i read a lot of Scott writing i know me he is not very happy about me doing to space.Scott her me out I want to go to space for three reasons.i am convinced it will be a good experience i will be able to teach from a space perspective and i could help teachers all around the U.S.I think it will be a good experience because if it goes well i could astronaut i would be payed a good amount of money i could be able to have some very good story's about it my class would be able to learn much more about space i could be able to teach to classes all around the U.S.i will be the first teacher in space if we have a teacher conference and i could tell them about space from a better prespective

chapter 6 Christa McAuliffe is important to N.H

Christa McAuliffe is important to N.H because she educated N.H, she was a hard worker,and most of all because she was suppose to be the first teacher in space.

one reason that Christa is important to N.H because she was suppose to be the first teacher in space.For example she applied for the Teacher in Space program.She trained for the teacher in space program.She trained for 1 00 hours.the the space shuttle exploded 72 seconds after.

Another reason that Christa is important to N.H is that she was a hard worker.for example she worked on a 25 pg application she had to train for 100 hours and she had to work for the school every day i would have no time to myself at all if this was my schedule.

although Christa McAulffie is important to N.H because she was suppose to be the first teacher in space and because she was a hard worker but most of all because she educated N.H.For example she worked at multiple school like Mariam high located at flaming mass.she was a substitute teacher teacher and she worked at concord high.she wanted to teach her students from experience.Christa Mcauliffe died Jan. 28th 1956 it was a tragic day for all Americans.

Chapter 6: What I think...

When i put all my information together i noticed that being an astronaut is a huge risk.Its a huge risk because you could die from space.But Christa had horrible luck it was a cold day in Florida that is were people take a vacation because it is usually hot in Florida so i think Christa had horrible luck but she was sitting under a full tank of lucid hydrogen.

chapter 7 how to become an astronaut

to become an astronaut you will need to know the basics 20/20 vishion and you will need to know your responsibility's

Every astronaut needs to know what they are doing.They will always need a good G.P.A and military experience helps they usually train under water so bring your swim suit.They train there because the gravity is different.They will need 2 years of basic training last but not least you will need 1,000 hours in a flight test.

to be a commander pilot you will need a bachelors degree. you will need to pass some physical your eye sight needs to be at least 20/100.mission specialist work with the commander pilots your academics have to be good.payload pilots can fill in for the crew.



application- a written request for something like a job

basic-a basic change

convinced -to make someone belive you

experience-something that happened to you

G.P.A- grade point average

hydrogen-a gas lighter than air that catches fire easly

perspective- a particular way you look at things

tragic- a dramatic tragedy

20/20 vision- perfect vision

20/100 vision-unperfect vision