Klondike Gold Rush

By: Christopher Dent and Isabelle del Mundo

The Rush

On the 16th of August in the year 1896, gold was discovered around the Yukon area. Due to the remote location of the Yukon, it took about a year for the news of the gold to spread to the States, specifically to the San Francisco and Seattle area.

The Way to Fortune is Paved in Snow

Over 100,000 people went up to Yukon in the hopes of finding their own small fortune. Due to extreme conditions and harsh environments, only about 30,000 people reached their destination With temperatures at a steady negative 20 degrees, staying warm was a huge factor of surviving long enough to get to the gold.

Busy Boom Towns

With the increasing population in this area many boom towns were formed. These boom towns were built along the route to where the gold was because mining was a challenge due to the unpredictable distribution of gold and permafrost. Once the gold rush was over, the boom towns like Dawson City and Skagway all declined and soon became abandoned.