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Homecoming Edition

The BEST Homecoming Celebration in Town

Yes. We do homecoming better than anyone else! Austin High School will celebrate Homecoming this week! Please come out and share the fun with us.

Our Grand Marshal

Brad Long is a 1980 graduate of Austin High School and a local attorney. He has been keeping Austin High School Boys Basketball stats for 40 years and has only missed 3 games! We are thankful for his dedication to Austin High School.

Praise for Mr. Long:

"Brad was here when I was a player back in the 90's and while I am here now as a coach. He hasn't changed a bit. He is still caring, compassionate and dedicated to what he does for the Austin Boys Basketball program." -Brian Davis

"Brad Long is a true servant for Austin High School. He is a perfect example of Austin Pride and doing things the Austin Way." -Jake Miles

"Brad is more than just a friend of AHS, he is the heart of AHS!" -Phil Hastings

"Brad Long is the model of a team player and is an Austin treasure. He is one the most loyal and committed men I have ever known. His faithful service to every Austin basketball coach and his wealth of knowledge of the history of Austin basketball makes him a legend. There is not anyone who has seen and been a valuable part of so many basketball games as Brad. Brad is a great friend to me, but more important is his positive influence and friendship to so many Austin basketball players for such a long time. Brad can be described as a perfect example of an Austin Man and he has all the qualities that makes Austin Austin. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this honor than Brad. I wish him many more years of happiness and service to Austin." -Chip Miller

The Parade

The theme for our parade this year is "Animated Disney Films"

Seniors: Lion King

Juniors: Up

Sophomores: The Jungle Book

Freshmen:Toy Story

They will be judged on Thursday, October 1st at 4:30 before the parade begins at 5:30.

The parade begins between MCATS and Banks Caddell.

It will go down 2nd avenue and make its way to Bank Street and will conclude at the Old State Bank for a pep rally in the new amphitheater.

Door decoration contest

First period classes will be decorating doors for homecoming very soon. Doors will be judged on 10/1.

Dress-up days

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Homecoming Court 2015

Freshman Attendants

Emma Pendley

Taylor Woods

Sophomore Attendants

Libba Burton

Gracie Fuller

Junior Attendants

Molly Tittle

Ashlyn Wheat

Senior Attendants

Alexis Naron

Kacey Walton

Queen's Court

Morgan Hales

Macary Humphrey

Cara Humphries

Abbey Pendley

Andie Wall


Madi Carter, our 2014 Homecoming Queen and our Student Council President Alex Pendley will crown the queen at halftime of our game on October 2nd.

Help with the class floats!

Freshman Float Information

Theme: Toy Story

Location: SGS 4th Ave SE

Times to Help: Monday through Thursday 4:30 pm-9 pm

Sophomore Float Information

Theme: The Jungle Book

Location: Jays Landing on Highway 20

Times to help: Monday through Wednesday 5 pm to 10 pm

Junior Float Information

Theme: Up!

Location: Brickyard Landing on Highway 20

Times to help: Monday through Wednesday 4:30 pm-10 pm

Senior Float Information

Theme: The Lion King

Location: The Buick Building (725 Beltline Rd SW)

Times to help: Monday through Wednesday 4:30 pm-10 pm

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