Equatorial Guinea


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Equatorial Guinea National Anthem

capital= Malabo

Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo

Born: June 5, 1942 (age 70), Acoacán

Spouse: Constancia Mangue

Office: President of Equatorial Guinea since 1987

Party: Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea

Children: Teodoro "Teodorín" Nguema Obiang

Presidential terms: October 12, 1982 – October 12, 1987, October 12, 1987 –


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equatorial guinea poverty stricken and the new capital

Equatorial Guinea: Poverty stricken and the new capital city deep in the forest

equatorial guinea,the rich and the poor

Equatorial Guinea, the rich and the poor

Maryland and equatorial guinea almost the same size???

ethnic group

ethnic group

ethnic group-fang, bu bi, Annobonese, nolowe, kombe, bujebas, Pygmalion, European, Lebanese , Egyptian, Filipino


Spanish,french, English,fang,bibi

major industries and agriculture

major industries

petroleum,natural gas,fishing,lumber


coffee,cocoa,rice,yan si cassauoui,banana,palm,oil nuts, manloc, live stock, timber


SONGS OF EQUATORIAL AFRICA c1950, compiled by Andre Didier
Capercaillie and Sibeba (Hijas Del Sol) - Co Ni Mire Rium (with Translation).wmv
Piruchi Apo - Unidos por África...Con las joyas de La Plata De Montero.


major religions- Although African traditional religion has left its vestiges among the indigenous tribes, about 93% of the population are Christian. Within the Christian population, 87% are Roman Catholic and about 5% are mainline Protestant, primarily Baptist and Episcopalian. Though there is no state religion, a 1992 law established an official preference for the Catholic Church and the Reform Church of Equatorial Guinea, based on the traditional importance of these two denominations in popular culture. Religious study (primarily Catholic) is required in public school

independence day(history fact)

2 TODAY IN HISTORY Independence Day of Equatorial Guinea and Spain 12 Oct 2010
People of Equatorial Guinea (Pueblo de Guinea Ecuatorial) Part 1


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