2013 Start of the Year Trainings

Workshops in Kayhi Room 234

Building a Classroom Website

Please join us for our 3 hour workshop on Schoolwires website building. This is a great drop-in workshop for those who would like to start a classroom website or those who would like to work on an existing website, and review the basics.

To sign up for classes visit: http://www.kgbsd.org/Page/2118

Dates & Times
  • Tuesday August 13 9am-12pm
  • Thursday August 22 9am-12pm

Teacher - How to use the new AESOP (Automated Sub Calling System)

We are excited to announce that for the 2013-2014 year KGBSD will be using an automated sub-calling system, offered on both the phone and internet. Teachers will be able to register absences at any time, either by calling a toll-free number or by logging on to Aesop online. Aesop immediately starts to look for an available substitute that matches the specified qualifications and preferences.

This training is not mandatory, and we will be working with schools to educated all about the new system.

These drop in are for those that would like to get a more in-depth look at the new system, have time to ask questions, and get comfortable before we start this new program.

To sign up for classes visit: http://www.kgbsd.org/Page/2118

Dates & Times
  • Tuesday August 20 1pm-3pm
  • Wednesday August 21 1pm-3pm
  • Thursday August 22 1pm-3pm
  • Saturday August 24 1pm-3pm

PowerTeacher Workshop

PowerTeacher is our online teacher software for grades, attendance and student information. For new teachers or any teacher that would like to get to know this software better we have set aside time to look at this program.

To sign up for classes visit: http://www.kgbsd.org/Page/2118

Dates and Time
  • Saturday August 24th 9am-12pm
  • Monday August 26th 1pm-4pm (New teacher orientation, but anyone is welcome to come)

Other Workshops

To round out our workshops we have added a few other options:

To sign up for classes visit our training calendar at: http://www.kgbsd.org/Page/2118

Excel Basics:
Tuesday August 13th 1pm-3pm

How to use your website as a collaborative learning blog:

Friday August 23rd 10am-12pm

Office Staff/ Administator Sessions

It is going to be another great year. To get started we have some meetings planned to get off on the right foot.

Dates and Time:
  • Thursday August 15th 10am-12pm - AESOP Principal & Office Staff Training
  • Monday August 19th 8:30am-12pm - Office Staff Start of the year meeting
  • Tuesday/Wednesday August 21 & 22st 8am-12pm - Principals Meetings (Central Office Room 132)
Administrative Meeting - August 21, 2013
Room 132 in Kayhi
8:00-8:40 – Mr. Boyle
8:45-9:15 – Dr. Hardin
9:15-9:25 – Break
9:25-10:00 – Dr. Clarkson
10:00-11:30 – Mrs. Worman
Administrative Meeting - August 22, 2013
8:00-8:30 – Mr. Groves
8:30-8:45 – Mr. Williams
8:50-9:10 – Mr. Boyle
9:10-9:30 – Mr. Johannsen
9:30-9:35 – Break
9:35 – 11:30 – Mr. Rafter
11:30 - Mr. Boyle

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attended these workshops? No, the training and workshops are optional and are offered as an option if you are interested.

What if I can't make a training that I would like to go to? If the times do not work out that is fine. We offer many of these workshops throughout the year and there maybe a time in the future that will work better for your schedule.

How do I sign up for a class? To sign up for a class visit our professional development training calendar. You can find this on our district website at www.kgbsd.org under "For Staff" > "Professional Development & Educational Technology" > "Training Calendar". You will have to sign into our district website to sign up for a class. All district employees are automatically given a log-in to our site. Your log in will be the same username and password as your email (firstname.lastname, and your email password). To see a short video on how to do this CLICK HERE.

How do I cancel a workshop that I have signed up for? If you find out that you can not make it to a class, not a big deal. You can easily sign back into our district website, go to the training calendar and cancel your registration. We do appreciate knowing who is coming so that we can plan ahead to meet the needs of attendees.

Contact and Location Infromation

All WorkShops, Classes, & Trainings will be in Kayhi upstairs in room 234 (unless otherwise noted).