"Born Worker"

By Gary Soto


"Born Worker" is about a poor boy named Jose and his rich cousin Arnie. Arnie is a chubby richly dressed boy who seems very lazy and praises himself quite a bit calling himself a buisness man. Jose on the other hand came from a poor family therefore leading him to work hard to help support his parents who's jobs don't pay enough.
Artie decides that him and Jose should join together to form somewhat of a buisness, and agreed to split it 70-30. Artie's idea for the buisness was that Jose would work while he would supervise, talk buisness with the customer or help a little here and there. One day they started to work with a rich man, with hearing so bad he had to wear an ear-aid. While Jose would scrub and clean the man's pool, Artie would talk and talk. later on the man walks out to see how Jose is doing he drops his hearing aid in the shallow pool, he tried reaching for it, but ended up falling and slipping in. The impact of the fall left him with a heavily bleeding head. Artie decided he would run off so he didn't have to get involved with the police, but Jose stayed with him until the end and called the police 911 for help. In the end o the story Artie lies about what truly happened.