Monday Memo


From the Principal......

Greetings! Hope your weekend is going well! Thank you so much for all that you do everyday for each other and for our students.

I had the privilege of visiting two elementary sites this week. Both of them are Apple Distinguished Schools, a designation that reflects their hard work and commitment to creativity, collaboration, innovation through the power of technology. It was an incredible learning experience and I'm excited to share and pass along what I've learned. I have fallen in love with the Showbie App and the Seesaw App!

This weeks positive and encouraging morning message will focus on having an attitude of gratitude! Perfect timing for the week before Thanksgiving.

Your bonus denim day this week is Wednesday! Enjoy!

I will be spending most of Monday in classrooms with informal observations and walkthroughs. We are expecting visitors from IT and Digital Promise during the morning of Tuesday, November 17th. We will be visiting classrooms as well. I will be out of the office on Thursday, November 20th ~ My husband is retiring from 23 years of military service in the Air Force.


Thanks so much to Cheryl Blumenthal and Adriana Trejo for working hard on getting our OCCT reports filed in to each students cumulative folders . It's a tedious task...but they did such a great job....and Ms. Wood and I greatly appreciate it.

Important Information

  • Semester Mastery Connect Benchmark (1-6th) in Reading and Math should be administered between November 30 -December 10th. If you need help...let us know.
  • McLaughlin Christmas Party~ December 10th (We need a Santa Clause!)
  • Staff Thanksgiving Pot luck! Tuesday, November 24th

Staff Thanksgiving Pot Luck

Tuesday, Nov. 24th, 11am-1pm

5100 South Independence Avenue

Oklahoma City, OK

We love potlucks and celebrating seasons of the year together. Mrs. Martin will start the sign-up sheet this week!

Attendance Incentive

When we received our A-F report card we learned that we did not receive the bonus points for attendance. We lost 10 points for attendance being under 94%. We are heading into a high season of illness and absences. Lets work together on trying to incentives for attendance. We will also work towards sending notes, and calls out to parents about this information and how important it is! We'd like to start with something simple. (See the pic). Please track your classes attendance in some way and highlight the positives. You are encouraged to join in spelling PERFECT ATTENDANCE for each day your class as perfect attendance to earn a surprise from administrators. We will also post information near the offices. If you have other ideas...let's hear them!

Recent and Upcoming Birthdays!

Please help me remember staff birthday's! I always seem to remember after the fact! If you know someone's special day is coming up....let us know!

  • Javier Sanchez
  • Delsy Breedlove

ConnectED Update

  1. We have signed the AT&T Contract and have a setup call scheduled for next week. As soon as we know more details we'll let you know so that we can make plans to start sending iPads home.
  2. We've been asked by the Apple Creative team to participate in being one of two schools to help contribute content and story interviews to the Apple's new ConnectED webpage. Your work and dedication has captured the respect and attention from Apple and they know there's a story to tell about our staff, students, and community. We'll be reaching out to a few of staff members, students, parents and community members to help in this project. If you'd like to nominate or self-nominate to be included in this project , please let me know. It is not a time consuming endeavor, and will be completed in a few short weeks.
  3. Digital Citizenship Application for Common Sense Media Certified School is almost complete! Those of you who have completed and submitted your log will also qualify for the Certified Educator designation!