How I met myself

by Nermin Tahtah

Who's this weeks author?

I had the honor to meet the most fantastic human being on earth Imane Tahtah. She told me so much about her new book...

About the author

Before I asked her questions about the book I wanted to know more about Imane. So I asked her a few questions about her background. "When and where were you born?" "I was born on 12 November 2002 in Rotterdam." "What is your favourite food." "Haha, funny question I like sushi." "When did you realise that you liked books." "Well I liked reading books from a young age so basicly that was when I realised I liked books."

A few silly pictures we took during the interview

About the book!

"So Imane tell me what's the book about." "Well the book is about Taylor who thought he met his döppelganger, so he kept searching him because everytime he saw him he dissapeared. Eventually the man that seemed to dissapear everytime was Taylor in the past." "Which part did you like the most of the book." "When Taylor's wife thought that the döppelganger was her man. That part was pretty funny." Do you have some new book coming up." "Yes! Follow me on Twitter to stay updated of the new books coming up