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Don't Damage Or Lose Our Nonrenewable Soil !

Loss of Soil Fertility, Drought, and the Dust Bowl

Soil can be damaged when it loses its fertility. In the 1800s, soil lost its fertility and was said to be exhausted. In 1930, the Great Plains were covered with farms and ranches. In that same year, there was something that helped appreciate soil. It was called the Dust Bowl. The Dust Bowl was caused by a drought because of dry conditions. The Dust Bowl damaged the soil's fertility with dust. The way the soil was damaged was the dust damaged the topsoil.

How to Save and Conserve Soil's Fertility

If you are a farmer and you don’t have fertile soil?There was a man named Gorge Washington Carver that figured a way to refresh the fertility by planting a plant called peanuts. That is why I suggest that you plant peanuts that can provide nutrients for your soil one year. The next year, you can plant a different type of crop such as corn. If you do a certain pattern you might have a fertile crop for many years to come.
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