New Resturants in Millersburg

We need new Resturants Now!

People are getint tiered of eating at the same places all the time. We need some new places to dine at. we need more diversity in the type of food that is being served. There are three or four pizza places, two subways, and lots of other fast food franchises. but only one chinese resturant. And, there are very few sit down, and fine dining resturants in holmes county, accept for Amish restruants which are way over rated.
If new restruants were added to Millersbrug, it would greatly help the city. More jobs would allow more people to be employeed, and more money for the business owners. More resturants would attract more people, which would generate more tax money for the city, so it can pay for other things we need to improve millersburg, and make it a better place to live/