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February 20, 2019

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Marrs Makers - Making!

Carrie Staib's kindergarteners got to practice their design thinking skills by empathizing with the three bears and Goldilocks. They were charged to come up with a new bed for one of the characters. They did an excellent job of creating their very own design!
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Ann Wilder - Empowering students and raising a new generation of do-gooders.

Ann says, "Children are our future. Sometimes when a loved one gets cancer, kids( and families) feel hopeless. There are ways a person can support them and make a difference. Mrs. Wilder's 2nd grade students wanted to give back and participate in a classroom of learning. They have completed a sewing project making "Port Pillows" for those going through chemo. These "pillows" protect he port site where chemo is delivered in to their bodies and their seatbelt. "My mother-in-law is a volunteer as a Chemo Buddy. Making these pillows will put a smile on many faces."

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Fractions, QR Codes, and Strategy!

In Mrs. Jesch's class fractions are literally reaching new heights! Mrs. Jesch customized a couple sets of Jenga blocks with fraction concepts and a QR code. Students formed small groups and took turns trying to earn a building block for their team. If the student provided a correct answer (checked by scanning the QR code), they got to keep the block for the second part of the activity. Students were given about 15 minutes to "earn" as many blocks as they could. When time elapsed each group had a mere 5 minutes to construct the tallest tower they could. The tower had to be freestanding and photographed. Yard sticks were provided for the pictures so towers could be compared.
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I’ve Interviewed 300 High Achievers About Their Morning Routines. Here’s What I’ve Learned!

Doodle for Google

Doodle for Google Closes March 18
It's not too late to enter Doodle for Google! One National Winner will win a $30,000 scholarship and a $50,000 technology package for their school. Head to to enter before March 18 and find classroom resources.

Listen to the following YouTube to hear more about this contest!
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What are you planning?

Mary Feagley - We will be creating a Breakout and travel back to the future, 1984!

Erica Thomas - My creative writing class will create a digital poem using an original poem along with the techniques and examples we will discuss in class

using some of the following resources

De'Shea Kueber - Video recording: Using a recording devise to read a book and then listen to it!

Staci Reese - Gimkit on current math unit

Tammy Allison - Students will add oversized card stock coding blocks to move a classmate, on a large grid, to a goal.

Connie Jesch - Students will collaborate to create GimKit questions using vocabulary from out geometry unit.

Laura Davis - 7th - Using 3-D printers to print food (appropriate portion size) 6th - Voice over silent movie clips (nonverbal communication skills) Adding activity slides to Google Slides with NEARPOD!

Courtney York - Virtual Field Trip (Arconic Plant in Austin, Texas)

Pam O'Risky - Student Voices from MSDMV - District Podcast featuring different classrooms in our district

Karen Burke - A lesson on Plate Tectonics using Nearpod - it will include slides featuring pictures and information, interactive slides, videos, a virtual field trip, and even a SONG!

Lori Wilson - Using Dash and Dot robots

Brenda Zoller - Making Math Come Alive

Michelle Johnston - We are going to create an AR quiz game and use google cardboard VR viewers to play it and exchange our games.

Julie Jackson - Students will utilize the Glogster app to create multimedia posters.

These teachers have their names in the's your time now!

We know that every day in MSD of MV is digital learning day, but Feb. 28 will be the day everyone else celebrates. We want to celebrate also by showcasing the amazing things you do...and offer you the chance to earn another badge, wear jeans on that day, and maybe WIN one of these very cool coffee mugs! So, take a look at these resources and start planning your Digital Learning Day activity. Enter your event on the official Digital Learning Day 2019 Map and fill out the Google form below to let us know how you will celebrate the day, get your DLD jean pass, and enter to win a cool DLD mug!

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