Disgrace or Martyr?

The Essence of Martin Luther

By Gillian Simpson


95 Theses

Martin Luther wrote the 95 Theses which outlined the problems with the church in order to change it and make it less corrupt. He saw something immoral and sought to moralize it which is an action of a saint.

Translated Bible

Luther translated the Bible into German so that German people could read it in their native language making it more available to them and allowing them to interpret it however they wanted. Others translated the Bible into more languages after him. Luther helped others get closer to their religion through this making him saint-like.


Luther created his own branch of Christianity, Lutheranism, and inspired other branches to emerge such as Calvinism, Presbyterian, the Ana-baptists, and Puritans. This gave people more freedom of religion because they could interpret Christianity however they wanted, so Luther is more saintly.


95 Theses

In his 95 Theses, Martin Luther publicly wrote about his personal problems with the church such as the sale of indulgences, embarrassed it by preaching his anti-church beliefs, questioned the Pope, and committed heresy. He went against church morals so he is a sinner which was proven when he was excommunicated.

Sale of Indulgences

Luther spoke out against selling indulgences when he had no authority to. He cannot say for certain that indulgences will not forgive people from their sins and is either condemning them or taking away their hope, so he is a sinner.

Protestant Reformation

Luther inspired others to branch away from Catholicism like him and split the church even more. He eliminated the unity of Europe and created a constant struggles between different Protestantism and Catholicism as is shown in this picture. He also spread anti-Semitic views with his hatred of the Jews. This proves he is a sinner because he caused a lot of harm and strife.

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