Jaguar Journal

Week of 11.25.18

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Important Dates for the Week:

Monday, 11/26:

  • K PLC
  • BEST - after dismissal in Rebecca's Pre-k mobile unit

Tuesday, 11/27:

  • DLT (Mandy's room) & PBIS Meeting (Blanca's room) after dismissal

Wednesday, 11/28:

  • 3rd PLC (EVAAS discussion - notice day change)
  • 4th PLC
  • 1st PLC (EVASS discussion)

Thursday, 11/29:

  • 5th/2nd PLC
  • Progress Reports go home with students
  • District Calendar Committee Meeting after school (Murray)

Friday, 11/30:

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  • School Improvement Team notes - please have conversations with your representative about questions you may have.

  • Progress Reports go home Thursday!

  • ASIS Walkthrough: We will have the first of our ASIS walkthroughs before the Winter Break. Do your thing and be proud to show off the great things your class/grade level are working on!

  • Upcoming Observations: (see the information given at the beginning of the year) Certified staff on abbreviated cycle- your 20 minutes snapshot observation is unannounced. We will begin these soon as we have many to do.

  • EVAAS: Evass data has been released to teachers. Teachers that were in NC last year (not all support teachers) should have received an email about logging in and viewing their data. You can find reports on the SAS site. We be talking about this in upcoming data talks/PLC's and I will provide you with reflection sheets to guide our discussions. Please take some time to log in and check out the data from last year asap.

  • Bingo: We haven't had a winner for the Staff Bingo YET! Complete a task, sign the square with the task you completed remembering your goal is to sign your name to squares in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row. We have prizes!

-Playground Survey!!! Please give your feedback! This is your playground and you know it best!

- Readvolution directions for tickets! This is being sent to parents. If parents reach out to

you, please refer them here for needed steps.