Teen Suicide Prevention

Signs someone is contemplating suicide...

  1. always thinking/ talking about death
  2. clinical depression
  3. losing interest in things one used to care about
  4. making comments about being hopeless or worthless
  5. visiting/ calling people to say goodbye
  6. tying up loose end or changing a will
  7. saying things like "I want out"
  8. unexpected switch from sad to happy
  9. talking about suicide
  10. having a "death wish"

Below are some graphs displaying suicide statistics

If you know of someone who is thinking about suicide...

  1. get help
  2. tell an adult (parent or teacher)
  3. listen
  4. do not be accusatory
  5. try to talk to them about it
  6. recommend them to more serious help
  7. make sure they get the help they need