Fourth Grade News

For the Week of September 28, 2015

Early release day on Monday!

In case anyone is unaware, there is an early release day on Monday at 11:30. If your child is going home a different way please let me know.

Engage NY

The Engage NY math curriculum may seem strange and even a little scary to some, so I have added the website below to help if needed. You can watch videos and learn a little more about the curriculum through the website.

I will be sending home Engage NY homework for the first time this week. The homework has the same set up and expectations as the "problem set" paper we complete in class. If you have any questions about the homework you can email me, call me, or send a note in with your child. If your child uses the "problem set" paper as a reference, they should do just fine.

We are currently working on Module 1 and your child will be bringing home lesson 6 homework on Tuesday.

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This week's focus!

Reading - setting personal goals, inferencing, and summarizing

Writing - Launching Writer's Workshop (Personal narratives)

Grammar - possessive nouns

Science - metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary rocks (exploring sedimentary rocks)

Social Studies - continuing to practice navigating maps using cardinal directions

Spelling words of the week

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Education in Action!!!

Squeaky-clean Award

Jenna was chosen as the Squeaky-clean Award winner this week!!! Jenna is extremely organized and carefully places her papers and materials neatly into her desk so she knows exactly where everything is. Being organized allows her to transition quickly and never lose important papers. Way to go Jenna!!!
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Student of the week!

Jacob was our student of the week! He is a very hard working student who wishes to become a veterinarian. He also enjoys writing and his favorite book, at the moment, is The One and Only Ivan. Jacob's favorite color is green and he has a pet goldfish named Axel. I hope you enjoyed learned a little bit more about our student of the week.

Upcoming events and notices

Spelling test - Friday, October 2, 2015

If you have any baby food jars I am still in need of about 40.

Poster board will be needed for the week of October 5th to begin our rock research posters.

A 2" binder with filler paper and dividers will also be needed to begin our Reader's Workshop notebooks. If anyone is unable to purchase the needed supplies please let me know.

Thank you all for your continuous support and donations!!!!