That Was Then This is Now

Thoughts on violence:

>violence can happen between mates, parents, and children, nations, friends, neighbors or lovers.
>violence can be caused by one side who needs their personal dream to be right, they must make the other side wrong.
>Nobody likes to be wrong so people often fight to be right.
>Teenagers are exposed to violence on TV or even there social network that they are using.

3 Facts about violence:

>violence isnt always physical but is cyber, verbal, and emotinal.
>Sometimes the worst violence lives inside your own mind.
>There is only limited ways of getting rid of violence.

violence can be life changing and even lead to life ending kind of change.

Following up with the violence in "That Was Then This is Now":

The reasoning of puttinng these three facts is because in the book "That Was Then This is Now" there is various moments when there is violece shown. There not only was physical violence but there was also verbal violence. Also it seemed like half of the time Bryon was having his own mind showing violence toward himself. It seemed there was only a couple of ways to handel such a violence. Bryon did things and stuck with it and life went on the way it was suppoused to.

Violence is no good.