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Why do we cyberbully?

Kids do it out of anger, revenge or frustration sometimes they do it for fun and don't care. They mostly do it for attention and are bored. There's way more reasons that are yet to be found. Why they think it's funny no one knows they're just evil kids looking for attention.

Can we stop cyberbullies?

All bully stories are different and once you fall down a cyberbullies rabbit hole it's hard to get out, but if you tell your parents, friends or someone who could help, but if you want to go solo then don't give them a reaction just a blank face or in this case block them or don't respond to the picture or message and or report it!

How does cyberbullying affect us?

Victims effects are anxiety, depression, loneliness, unhappiness and poor sleep some result in cutting or suicide. One thing victims can do is anonymously tell that they're being bullied, but some don't want to tell because they're scared, so they can can block them, report the picture or message. Most victims switch roles and become the bully and not the bullied. More than half of the teens have never told their parents when and after the bullying took place.


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