Summer Reading

Stephen King's "Salem's Lot"

Salem's Lot

This novel was written in 1975 by Stephen King and is based on the town of Jerusalem's Lot located in Maine. This story follows Ben Mears and his goal to wipe out all the vampires after returning home to discover all the residents being affected by this plague.

Main Characters

Literary Elements


A theme in this novel is belief and how it is able to save you. I believe without belief it is nearly impossible to have faith in what you are trying to accomplish. An example of this is shown by Ben, Matt Burke, Susan, and Father Callahan. They were willing to risk their lives to stop the madness that was occurring in their town. The belief they had was that they could do anything to stop the vampires.


The main setting in this novel is the town of Jerusalem's Lot. The Marsten house in general also plays a key part in the setting.