Hemp Presentation

Friday at 3:00 at UUFC

Join Clemson University faculty, students, and interested community members on Friday, February 19th at 3:00 at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Clemson (226 Pendleton Road) for an educational overview of how people are pushing for revival of the hemp industry in America.

Hemp was one of the most beneficial cops in colonial times, utilized for clothing, paper, rope, sails and more. The purpose of this "Hemp Road Trip" is to educate citizens on the difference between hemp and marijuana, and gather support for the Hemp Farming Act of 2015. You will learn about the history of hemp, how it unfortunately became linked to marijuana and prohibited, the global cultivation of hemp (US is one of the biggest users), the status of hemp farming along with regulations that must be followed, and projections for hemp into the future. There will be a display of hemp products including food, cosmetics, clothing, rope, a BMW door panel made with hemp bioplastics, a book, a hempcrete block and.....a hemp guitar used by Willie Nelson. This local presentation is being sponsored by various agriculture programs at Clemson University.

For more information go to www.hemproadtrip.com.