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Week of Oct. 19-23 Vol. 3

Digital Citizenship Week Oct. 18-24

This week's newsletter is In honor of Digital Citizenship Week. Below are a few resources to assist in teaching one component of digital citizenship- ownership. The topic of ownership involves when and how to use other people's creative work and giving proper credit.

All grade levels K-6 have a role in learning about this important topic.

Searching and Using Images from the Web

As students are creating digital products, they need to know safe places they can grab images. Below are a few sites where students can visit and get images to use in their projects. I encourage you to have students create a folder on their iPad filled with shortcuts to these sites. Make it a habit of visiting these sites first before going straight to Google.

Google Search Tool

If students are unable to find an image from the sites listed above, teach them how to use the Google Search Tool. This tool allows students to filter images based on usage rights. Typically we would have students choose "Labeled for noncommercial reuse with modification." Let students know when they set this filter it will significantly limit their choices of images.
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Better Yet...

Create, design, draw, snap own images to use in multimedia projects.

K-2 lesson for giving credit to other people's work.

Grades 3-5 lesson for giving credit to other people's work.

Grades 6-8 lesson for giving credit.

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