Biomes for the beasts

learn about the biomes found in our world

the many biomes

there are many biomes in the world they are as followed, desert, grassland, saltwater, freshwater, taiga, tundra, decideous, tropical rainforest all of these biomes play different parts in our world resources and land are different from each other in many ways and some even have similairities with each other
Biomes of the World

fun facts on some biomes

The Animales Adaptation.

Many biomes have different  varieties of animals, that has called the biomes their home.The animals have to adapt to the biomes they live in.Thier are many different ways they have to adapt.For example  the animales in the desert have to adapt to low conditions of water.Same with  the plants they have to be able to store thier water.Some animales even try to steal water from the cactus.That is why it has the prickley spikes.