Savanna Grasslands

Jy'India Lester and Sabria Harrod


The Savanna Grasslands can be a very hot or even a very wet place , Its all depending on how close the Savanna is to the Dessert or the Rain forest. In all of the Savanna Grasslands it has a very distinctive wet and dry season. In more wet seasons more than 1000mm of rain can fall per year ! But in more dryer seasons less than 500mm of rain can fall over 1-2 months.

Wild Life

In the Savanna Grasslands there are many animals that roam this large Biome , There's African Elephants , Black Mamba's (Type of Snake) , Lions , Crocodile's , Giraffe's and Etc. These Animals live by a food chain , The shrubs, herbs, and Grass absorb water and sunlight in order to grow and the Zebra then eat the shrubs , herbs , and grass to maintain life. Then the Lion walks along and gets hungry and needs to feed there family (Cubs). He hunts the Zebra and gets the Kill for food. BUT with the savanna Grassland's droughts the animals here are sourly effected this then affects the water budget decreasing the amount of fresh water available for all wild life to survive.

Video Timee !

Here's a small video about the Savanna Grasslands......

Savanna Grassland Biome