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Born in New Orleans

What is Jazz

Jazz is types of dance movements to certain styles of music. During the 20th century, jazz was exposed through the streets and ally ways of New Orleans, Louisiana where jazz was born and raised. Some folks may say that jazz was originated from Africa because of the rhythm and the feel by playing an instrument using improvisation as if you are speaking through the instrument's tone, but it is also originated from Europe because of its harmonic tempo and the chords made by the instruments which were made in Europe, like the saxophone and the trumpet and also the piano which was the true maker of the chords.
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Where was Jazz Born and Raised?

To some people jazz is an invention, but they are wrong. Jazz is just like you and me, alive and breathing. Jazz lives and dies, walks and sleeps, inhales and exhales. It's human nature that is raised in the beautiful state of Louisiana in New Orleans. So if you ever travel to New Orleans don't forget to listen to the sound of smooth jazz and move your hips to the beat remembering the true meaning of jazz and where it came from to be here for your eyes ears. On the streets and the back allies of New Orleans jazz was played with emotion and integrity. It was made to show people the true meaning of the heart and what it is capable of feeling by putting their own feelings through the instrument or microphone.

What Instruments do you Play in Jazz?

Well, there are many instruments in jazz. There is the rhythm section which is the drum set, the piano, and bass guitar. Also the brass and woodwinds which are the trumpets, trombones, and saxophones. Sometimes there are clarinets, flutes and baritones along with tuba's but those instruments usually play in school jazz bands. It doesn't matter what instrument you play, it matters what comes from the heart and mind mostly. Just feel the rhythm and begin to play. It's that easy! Also a part of jazz is scatting which is a technique used in the 30's where you move your vocal chords up and down in a fluid motion to match pitch and rhythm and tone. It's not as easy as it sounds though.
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