World War 1 Technology

Callie Jahns

Trench Warfare

Trench Warfare was first and only used in World War 1. Country's used this technic as a way to be protected from the enemy and to fight out of the trenches. The trench conditions were never kept clean, many people relieved themselves and there were dead bodies everywhere. Trench warfare wasn't used for World War 2 because the opposing country's built a new technology called tanks.


Tanks were the response in World War 1 against the trenches. Country's used them to plow into the trenches but unfortunately some of the explosives carried on the tanks blew up in the trenches with them. Tanks were majorly used back then in wars and are still used in modern day today.


Grenades were first used in World War 1 as explosives and were used against your enemy. Grenades were used back then and are still used today.