How To Sell An Engagement Ring

and earn the most money doing it

What You Should Know When Selling Your Engagement Ring

If you are deciding to sell your engagement ring, then it is likely that you are looking for a good amount of many in return. While it can be difficult to know how much your engagement ring may be worth, there are some measures you can take to ensure that you are getting the most money for your jewelry. From learning how diamonds are valued along with which are the best diamond buyers to use, you can give yourself the best opportunity possible to make the most money when selling your engagement ring.

How To Find A Diamond's Value

Diamonds are very difficult to grade and there is a reason why diamond graders must obtain certifications before assessing diamonds. Because of the amount of knowledge and resources required to provide an accurate valuation, many people cannot determine a diamond's value on their own. Despite this, there are some main factors that many can look at that will still give them a better understanding of what they have. These characteristics are often referred to as "The 4 C's of Diamonds."

The 4 C's of Diamonds

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Online Buyers Vs. Local Buyers

Which Is Better?

Many people who think about selling their jewelry imagine walking into a pawnshop and taking whatever they can get. With an engagement ring being worth a good deal of money, it is important that you evaluate your situation and see which option is best as they both have pros and cons. Depending on how fast you need the money, could determine which type of buyer is best for you.

Local Diamond Buyers

The main advantage that local buyers have is that they can provide you with the money immediately. This is what makes pawnshops and jewelers an attractive option to most people. The process of selling an engagement ring to a local buyer is pretty straightforward. They will assess your ring and come back with an offer shortly. From there you will be able to negotiate until you agree on a price, or decide not to sell.

Pros: Immediate Money

Cons: Less Money, Negotiating, Inaccurate Diamond Grading

Online Diamond Buyers

While the local options can get you money quickly, the online diamond buyers provide the advantage of paying more cash for diamonds. With less overhead costs and the ability to reach more customers over the internet, they are able to offer the higher prices for jewelry. The reason why most people do not go this route is because they are unfamiliar with what the process entails or they did not even know it was an option. As more people are using the Internet for other services, the online diamond buyers are gaining a positive reputation and increasing their business.

How To Sell Engagement Rings Online

1 - Find A Buyer

Many online diamond buyers are available. Some use different features that may entice you to use their service over another. Diamond buyer reviews are also a good resource when choosing a buyer.

2 - Ship Engagement Ring

All you have to do is print out the free shipping label and package your engagement ring in a safe container. From there, ship it to the diamond buyer and wait for their response.

3 - Receive Your Money

Depending on the buyer that you chose, you may have a certain amount of time to make your decision of whether or not to sell, and what type of payment you would like to receive.

Pros: More Money, Convenient Process, Quick Transaction

Cons: Not Immediate

Diamond Buyer Reviews

You can find reviews on both local and online diamond buyers on the Internet. Sites like are often a good place to look, as many of the people leaving reviews have used the business' services before. For online diamond buyers, there are also many websites that can provide honest reviews on many of the top online buyers. Some things to look for when going over reviews are:

- Insurance Value

- BBB Rating

- Price/Carat

- Payment Methods

- Transaction Time

Selling Your Engagement Ring

Whether you decide to sell your engagement ring locally or online, be sure to have good knowledge on the value of your ring. That is the most important thing when it comes to earning the most money. Below are two websites that will put you in touch with local and online diamond buyers.

Online Diamond Buyers

Local Diamond Buyers