McMillan Monday Memo

To: McMillan Faculty and Staff

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KIERRA VAN BEEKUM! Thank you for your consistently positive attitude and willingness to help out wherever needed. It doesn't matter what is being asked, you are willing and able and constantly volunteering your help!!! Not just with technology, which we all appreciate, but things like moving "outside" and being willing to provide PD to our amazing faculty (these are just a couple of examples).

ALICE HALL! The positivity you radiate EVERY day is truly contagious. There have been several comments by your coworkers about how positive you are no matter what is happening in your own life. You may be feeling as though you are "sinking" in your own classroom, but continue to help others regardless of how you are feeling.

January and February PD

January 19 and February 16 are FULL DAYs of PD - Just to ensure everyone is on the same page, due to teacher input for "teacher work time", McMillan chose to have teacher work time during the 1st week rather than the middle of the year.

Testing Dates

  • DIBELS - Jan. 12
  • iReady - Jan. 11-29
  • ELL Testing (Levels 1-4) - Feb. 1, 4, 5 (Einstein Lab) - Jenny will be doing the testing. She will let you know when your specific students will be pulled.
  • EOY - SAGE - Writing, April 4-15, Math, ELA, Science, May 2-20
  • EOY iReady - April 18-29