Adamson Children's House

Weekly Newsletter - September 28th - Ms. Dana & Ms. Terry

Dear Parents,

Apples are in! -If you slice an apple horizontally you can see a star shape! -We will make some prints this week to see if we can capture that star on paper.

Ten Apples up on Top, The Apple Pie Tree and Apples, a nonfiction book by Gail Gibbons, are some of the books we will read this week. We will continue to practice the song "Little Bird" that Johnny Cuomo introduced in music last Friday.

This is our first full week of the year! On Mondays children will have the opportunity to select a new book to take home, art and gym are on Wednesdays and music and gym on Fridays. We will go out most days so please send a sweater or light jacket as the temperatures are begining to dip.

Home/School Connection

In class we continue to practice taking a work out, completing the work and then returning it to the shelf, tidy and ready for the next person. You can practice this at home by giving your child a special shelf or area and one or two items that after engaging with them he or she can return them to their places so that they are ready for the next time.
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