Welcome to Earth!!!

By: Jayce Kaufmann

The Crooked Forest (53.2139 N, 14.475 E)

You should see the crooked forest because I think it's pretty cool. Normal trees grow straight up. Also because the trees are crooked and that's wierd and interesting.

Opportunities: Recreation, discovery. Challenges: building, transportation. Travel tips: use a map or a gps, watch out for wild hogs, and buffalos. Packing tips: hunting knife, hatchet, map/gps. You might want to visit this forest is because its an amazing natural feature.

Great Barrier Reef (18.2861 S, 147.7 E)

You should see the Great Barrier Reef because it's the biggest live structure ever. You will get to see a lot of our marine life like sea turtles.

Opportunities: Jobs, recreation. Challenges: Predetors, more poachers.

Travel tips: Try not to touch ocean floor. Packing tips: Scuba suit/submarine, air tank. You might want to visit this reef because then you will get to see some of our marine life

Mt. Everest (27.9881 N, 86.9253 E)

You should visit Mount Everest because it's the world's tallest mountain. It's 29,029 feet tall. It is difficult to climb.

Opportunities: Recreation, exploration. Challenges: 60% chance of death, building, transportation. Travel tips: don't die, don't look down or wonder how high you are.

Packing tips: Map, the biggest fluffiest warmest coat ever, weapons. You might want to visit this mountain because it has a great view at the top

Three ways we regionalize the Earth

We regionalize the earth in many was but here are three to know. Continents - a large land mass. We have 7 continents. Time zones - set by our longitudinal lines. There are 24 time zones. Climate zones - set by the latitudinal lines. There are three types, hot, humid, and polar.
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