Lose Weight Without Dieting

24 Tips from Create A New Image!

Drink what your body's mostly made of.

People often ask; Is it okay to serve wine at a wrap party? I tell them sure it is... the more you drink the more you think you shrink but if you really want results when using our Ultimate Applicator, drink water.

What does our wrap have to do with all of this? Our Ultimate Applicator aka #theskinnywrap is unlike any other so called "body wrap" on the market. Many want to make you sweat which is in fact water loss, We do not want you to sweat!

1. Drink Water

The Ultimate Applicator is not a water loss wrap. In fact the first ingredient in our wrap is H2O. The key to seeing better results with the It Works! Ultimate Applicator or any of your weight loss efforts is to hydrate your body and drink plenty of water.

You should be drinking half your body weight in water every day anyway!

Here's a little known fact about the Ultimate Applicator. When it was first dreamed up by our brilliant and passionate formulator Luis Mijares the plan was to bring it to the US for gastric bypass patients! Luis' passion for research and development in the skin care, nutritional, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries began when he was a child, learning natural remedies from his grandmother in Mexico.

The Ultimate Applicator is not intended to be used for weight loss, it's intended to help you show off all your hard work by tightening, toning and firming your skin.

As you are on your journey to health WRAP! Just had a baby? WRAP! Just had or thinking about having gastric bypass? WRAP!

Water is a safe natural way to keep your toxins moving out of your body rather than settling in another spot...like on your hips and if it does, wrap those love handles!

02. Cut back on sugars

03. Drink Green Tea

04. Use a tall, thin glass when drinking wine or juice you'll drink 20 to 30% less

12. Choose Veggie Toppings and Thin Crust pizza
13. Purchase a Veggetti for veggie pasta steam and add red sauce, no cream sauce.

14. Eat soups as long as they are not cream based.

15. Eat more whole grains, fill up on fewer calories.

16. Cut Back on Sugars unless it's natural sugar

17. Choose a Tomato and other veggies wrapped in lettuce for sandwiches.

18. Split your meal. When dining out ask for 2 plates. Don't bring the leftovers home.

19. Blend your own fruits and freeze for healthy snack
20. Use a smaller plate (mind trick)
21. Go Meatless, choose a veggie burger instead.
22. Sleep, Relax, Rest - Try Confianza
23. Chew a stick of sugar free peppermint gum you want want to go for the chips.
24. Hang a smaller pair of jeans on the door of your closet to remind you that you want to fit in them by summer!

Remember, nothing can replace exercise and eating right!

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