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A Round up of the latest Educational Research and Practice


This Friday sees the start of the second action research cycle for JHNCC staff. Esteemed educational thinker and researcher Prof Dylan Wiliam has said that perhaps this might be better termed as 'disciplined enquiry'. This is very much how I see our work developing this year - using enquiry research methods to see what is the impact of the planning, initiatives and developments we pour our energies into.

To provide some stimulus for this work, I have provided some of the latest research and thinking here in this flyer. Each week I will try to bring you the best of the latest research reports, teacher blogs and news on what seems to work in some schools and what might work here at JHNCC.

Could I ask all those teachers who have not completed the online form to say what their focus for this cycle of work is to please complete it by the end of school on Thursday.

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Brand new research

This research featured in this Guardian article was published today and was featured by several newspapers. I picked it as it has some important messages for us all

Research from #BERA14 conference

The next couple of items were sourced from the current BERA conference. As you can see, the first produces some sobering statistics on the consequences of certain school contexts. The second is for Vanessa.

A Round up of the highlights from ResearchEd 2014

The following two links are both from the ResearchEd conference from two weeks ago. The first summarises many of the the different speakers contributions. The second centres on inimitable Pro Wiliam who gave a reasoned and clear headed argument for how teachers and research could work together. The video of this can be found at the ResearchEd website

Sandringham T and L website

I have included this website as an example of how I would like to use the work and collective expertise of JHNCC staff. For anyone who has not yet seen or read the work staff completed last year, I would highly recommend you check out this link to read the reports submitted last year. They can be found here