To Kill a Mocking Bird

Themes Throughout the Novel

Bravery and Courage

Throughout To Kill a Mockingbird many of the characters have to be brave and courageous. I picked three that showed bravery and courage sometime in the book.

Boo Radley

Boo is an interesting character. He's never seen or talked to until the very end of the story. Boo goes out of his way to help Jem and Scout when they were attacked. He did so much that he killed Bob Ewell. Boo was very brave about leaving and helping. Since he is never suppose to leave he made a great feat by leaving to help them. And having good friends Atticus covered for him and so did Heck, in his own way by trying to help Atticus.

Growing Up

Throughout it talks a lot about growing up. How acting childish won't work in the long run, and how growing up is just part of life.


Family is a big part in this story. Everything is off of family. Atticus worries about his kids and aunt Alexandria worries about the family name, like many people in Maycomb.