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Learning from Others

What can a middle or high school teacher learn from an elementary teacher? Sean McComb, a high school teacher, talks about four positive takeaways from implementing personalized learning in his classroom. His success was due in part to his observation of elementary teachers.

Across the district, we are finding ways to share, communicate, and collaborate with each other through Systemwide Inservice Days, Google+ Communities, Canvas Commons, Professional Development, Conferences, Visits to Other Schools or Districts, etc. By seeking others outside of our building, we are not only continuing to grow ourselves, but we are modeling for our students what learning looks like in the real world.


All teachers who use Canvas find the Speedgrader a great timesaver not to mention the paper it saves. Did you know that their are some great keyboard shortcuts that make it even better? Try these:

j : Next student

k : Previous student

c : Leave comment

g : Change grade

r : Use rubric

But in case you forget them: press the comma key while in Speedgrader and it will show these to you!

Other Canvas Info:

  • Have you used the Canvas Commons? It is a great way to share or gather resources to support you in the classroom. Learn more:
  • In Canvas, the Summer 2014 and 2015 courses (Labeled as Summer 14 & 15) will be deleted from your accounts on April 30. We are "spring cleaning" as we prepare for the upcoming summer courses for 2016. If you have information you would like to save from these summer courses, feel free to upload into the Canvas Commons.

Learning Social



Have you wanted to share an idea? Would you like to learn something new? Join us for a SPARKSession on April 26. Join us to share a website, app, or other technology tool you are using to impact teaching and learning. This fun, fast-paced event will allow you to learn from your colleagues. Registration is available on Randa.


Please save the date for some of our upcoming summer professional learning opportunities. More specific details will be available after May 1.

May 31-June 3- Canvas Academy

June 6 & 7- Classified Staff Training

June 16- Cultivating Canvas with other districts

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