3D telogram

By: Ella Newman

The telogram

We designed a hologram app that will allow you to see someone in a live hologram formation. We designed a lens that will allow the app to come to life. You can download the app that cost $8.99 on any device and get an attachable lense custom for your device/computer for $15. The lense can be found at your local stores such as Walmart,Target, and CVS. From there the advanced technology will allow your phone to turn the image into a live 3D hologram. This is great for families with a loved one in the military, long distance, and business trips. Some of the customizations available with the app are sound, color,enlargement,and background. To download the app you’re first going to want to go to your phone's app store and find the app called 3D telograms. From there download the free app and log in with your email and a password of your choice. Next, create a username once you have created an account you can follow other people with the app. Lastly, just add them as a friend and start your 3D calls.

Why is this the best thing for you?

  • Over 77% of families have or had a loved one in the military. I'm sure that you would love to talk to or see that person more often, and now you can with the 3D telogram.
  • How would you feel if you were a little child and one of your parents had a job where they have to go on long business trips all the time and you barely have time to talk to them? I'm sure you would miss them tucking you in at night, but with the 3D telogram they can be live and 3D anytime you both would like!
  • This is such a great product for military families, long distance families, and business trips.
  • Even celebrities love to talk to each other, now they can make it more realistic and have no slow internet!

How I used advertising techniques

  • In the first bullet point I used scientific evidence, that 77% of Americans know someone in the military.
  • In the last bullet point I used celebrity endorsement to show how celebrities use the product to persuade people to buy the product to be like celebrities.

How I used persuasive techniques

  • I used groups of three in the 3rd bullet point. I said that this product is great for long distance families, military families, and business trips.
  • In the second bullet point I used emotion appeal to get people to feel bad for kids who can't see loved ones every day.