All the emotions of poetry

I'm such a 5 year old


Lazying around

Anime, watching naruto with my sister

Running around screaming

Inside running around stupidly

Staying in the sun

Staying home watching all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies
Acting out everything

Everyday I'm smiling
Soaring through the skies Little Einsteins

Telling my mom whats 2789 plus 1

Riding into the sunset

At the store eating cheetoes

Day by day jumping off the bed

At the ends world


The bright lights flashing at me from the clowns car.

Music from a music box being played by the show taker.

Smoke coming from the fire breather.

The pink sweet cotton candy melting in my mouth.

My finger tips nearly brushing against the acrobats.

Outside World

The green of the grass, and sand colored mountains in the distance.

Wind blowing past my ears, the tree branches rustling together.

The grass's scent, that mixes in with the cool air.

Cool water running down my throat.

Clipped grass scratching against my finger tips causing my skin to redden.

My Birthday

I went out to go and eat for my birthday

At Japanese restaurant Zenshin

and ate a dish

called the red dragon which roared with taste

Elegy to recover

My hope was gone for friend

Down the drain i read the text again

and i thought my friend was truly dead

My response faded into the back of my head

As I remembered me meeting her in school.

And how right now, I'm crying you fool

She is my friend, and i wont let you take her.

And while I wait for a response, I say "I don't want to loose her"

And now today she's still here alive and recovering.

She still has her ups and downs but no suffering.

I thought my hope was gone forever

And our friendship would be severed but are friendship is sealed till the end


Falling, running, playing

Sighing, tripping, failing

Running down the field

With the flag at my hand

I reach it out to the teammate

Falling, tripping, sweating

The flag has fallen

Ode to Sea

Going out, I smell the sea water to my nose

Its the beach, I see, I was waiting for a show

Once I began to swim out to where I cant touch the sea floor

I see a ball that comes to great me

It looks like a marble clear with prints of blue

Once I saw, it clear as day, something crosses my mind, and I knew

This is not a ball to have surfaced, too clear to view

This ball was non other then a jellyfish disguised in the deep sea blue

Not caring whether salt water invaded my lungs, i swam to the shore.

Of course falling on larger rocks that hit my feels care.

Once i made it out of all the rumble of sand, I ran to my mother with balled up fist

and in fact she told me, she has been stung by a deep sea jellyfish

20 years into the future

Creating new ideas for flight

Learning the newest of technology

At the hendo hover boards hovering around

Reading the newest books, mangas and comics from my friends

Inside testing out flamethrowers

Soaring through the skies

Speaking to wolves with communication gear

Acting out the world

Everything in this world revolving around me

Still listening to twenty one pilots

Talking to the other researchers

Reading through new information

Asking others there ideas of the future

Drawing the newest comics for my story

At the earths end

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