Blasting Off into Technology!

Molly Guest & Jenni Currie

What is SMORE and why should I use it?


*SMORE is an online site that can be used by students and/or teachers to organize and share information!


*SMORE can be used for FREE! or you can buy a subscription for $59 a year (with the educator discount) and have access to all the bells and whistles (:

*SMORE is SUPER user friendly! You don't have to be a technology expert to use it!

What can SMORE be used for?

Inside the classroom...

*create free accounts and have students create flyers that they can submit to you through CANVAS

*new way to share information about assignment or instructions with students

Outside the classroom...

*share weekly/monthly newsletter with parents

*use as a flyer for school functions

---------utilize RSVP feature for headcount or to gauge interest level

Infusing SMORE with Remind